Selling a luxury property goes beyond a regular real estate sale. The most important thing to remember is that your luxury home is an investment and that means you're going to have to put a bit of money in to get a lot out. Luxury property sellers can expect more upfront costs than homes in

1. Clean For The Queen

Pretend you're inviting The Queen of England or the President of the United States to stay at your place for a week and have the home in the appropriate condition. We're talking immaculate landscaping, showroom-worthy closets and not a speck of dust throughout the house. Don't leave anything in a state you wouldn't want the President to personally inspect.

2. Hire A Staging Company

Hire a staging company to make your home stand out. Remove all of your own furniture and allow the expert designers to make decisions. The furniture and plants might not suit your style and that's perfectly fine--it's the buyer's approval you're after and staging companies know exactly how to get it.

3. Invest in a Professional Media

Your property is phenomenal and you want interested buyers to know it too. Luxury buyers are usually looking for homes that instantly grab attention, which is why you have to grab theirs when they are glancing through hundreds of MLS listing. Spend the money on a professional photographer and accommodate their requests for achieving the best photos possible, even if they're a bit of an inconvenience.

You'll also want to consider a video tour and posting the floor plans online. Consider that a lot of luxury buyers view and purchase homes from out of the country, through local representation. The more familiar the actual buyer feels with a home they've never seen, the more likely they are to actually buy it.

4. Advertise With A Pro

Your real estate agent should be doing everything possible to market your luxury home, so make sure they are! Your listing write-up should be perfect, your ad should be in every major real estate source around and your real estate agent should be personally reaching out to their network of luxury contacts. Talk to your agent and ensure they are taking these steps on your behalf. If not, fire them.

5. Be Patient

Luxury homes tend to sit on the market longer, simply because there are significantly fewer buyers who can afford them. It's important to remember that it's not uncommon for luxury homes to have an "average days on market" that spans several months. As long as you're patient and follow the expert tips above, your luxury home will be sold before you know it.